h8te it. lov3 it. what3v3r. just Njoy it.; -RinOntheRox

29 August 2010

hates to feeL tht my conscience is R I G H T
when iGet the feeLing someone is tLkin behind my bck
smethn just whispers to me saying, "Watch each set of hands..."
if everyone's hands around you are moving nd yours arent wht does tht teLL you.?
D U H. Jus think.
aLL iCan do is shake it nd keep moving, but [in] reaLity, it makes sense.
iWouLd be wrong to caLL ppL out though.
The ppL tht r supposed to care nd be there...ARENT
how does tht work.?
....idk  maybe it is just ME huh.?

my heart is heavy, but not [in] tht doubtfuL way
iJust hav random things scurring through my head nd iCnt stop them right now.

Signed:: MisUnderstood.;

02 July 2010


So iHave had this thought on my mind for awhiLe (a week ^_^
To get my.....C H E E K S pierced!!!
yes my face! My cousin nd her girLfriend are piercing feigns nd tht was one of their MANY experiments.!!! iLike the medusa piercings too but....not for me! So wht do u ppL think.?


26 February 2010

Dear Heart...

Life right now could indeed be better, but iShare it w/ the best....^_^
my 'Teers are irreplaceable...and to be considered that, they must be different 4rm the rest....righhhht
people always shake their heads like they are always together...yuuuuup Besties FOREVER...Ha!
&nd that's why they shouLd know that when the world walks out on them...I WILL STILL BE HERE!
3M's 4Life

&&nd the day iWrote tht iThought tht was the end to aLL friendships...
life forever nd a day
...but iGuess it's true...aLL good things come to an end
the days...nights...laughter...nd cries made a U
yet we aLL have our fauLts in life.
iForgive, but iCan NEVER forget.
it is definiteLy just one of those days
for one of these things
....for you to have to let go of what you thought was a LIFELONG friend
but things happen for a reason....right?
There is no need to front or lie
[in] the back of mind dangLing somewhere are the memories we shared once
memory lane?
ha. funny how things change like the seasons do.
[in] &nd out like the brisk of an autumn's breeze.
my heart just wont except the fact.
ugh. how did we end up here?
where do we..you...ya'll go?
my feeLings are bumrushing each other.
so iGotta keep it moving.
Just hope you're happy.

01 February 2010

OnLy You.;

you don't even know how lucky you make me FeeL

you aLone have heLped my heart heaL

having you to hoLd me

to teLL me everything wiLL be ok


loving you more than one can imagine possibLe

you deLiver these feeLings

others onLy WISHED they couLd send

your souL sLeeps in me

whiLe others never got in

iNever knew there was a difference

between happiness and innerpeace

untiL you came aLong nd triggered my reLease


30 January 2010

Love [ in ] mind.;

...As the sun peaks over our bLinds
nd gentLy wakes me up
iOpen my eyes to pure deLight..beauty...YOU
iThought it was just a dream nd aLone iWouLd stay
untiL iFeLt you puLL me cLoser...
iCouLdnt heLp bt to smiLe
...iLonged for the day
your juices lingered on the sheets
from the passionate night we shared last night
it's morning nd iRest in your arms w/a smiLe on my face
no disruption or distraction.
just you me nd our aromas
we exchanged the best of ourseLves.
iLay my head on your chest
iHear your heart beating(my fave song)
nd it whispers to me
teLLing me things iALready know but...
it sounds good to hear them over nd over
iHave no worries nor regrets whn iAm with you
you wrap your arm around me...
then stare into your eyes as you caress my cheek gentLy
iAm steady trying to discover the words to describe you
the ones that fits the beat that is the tune that im banging to
your love pLucks the strings of my heart
giving off these heavenLy vibrations
that causes my thoughts to hesitate at times
my house is no longer my home
my home is [ in ] your heart
your presence nd your thoughts became my room
nd your love is the onLy thing tht keeps my heart in tune
iAm steady trying to discover the words to describe you
onLy four letters come to mind that make sense now
so true...

-CLyde.; "The.Mrs."

15 January 2010


If iAm never sure about anything eLse, there is ONE thing that iAm sure about nd thats....
....my gut feeling!!!
your intuition...your worth...
iHave taken time nd cLeared my mind 
iHave come to reaLize that...
The best form of freedom is when your mind is made up nd your [ ♥ ] is in the RIGHT pLace
...there is no better feeLing...
you came into my life nd made me reaLize why it nvr worked w/ anyone eLse
onLy our love is truLy genuine...reaL
I'm taLkin abt the sweetest thing I've ever known...
you changed my life forever...for the BETTER!
Baby, iWas made to love YOU!
est. [ 12.14.09 ]

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14 January 2010

Why iCry?.;

When iThink of my love for you

...the wonder of its beauty takes my breath away
iCnt recaLL the moment in time it began but...
onLy the overwheLming feeLing of ecstasy it brought to me
For at that moment iKnew happiness.
A happiness iHad never known before.
For just the thought of you gave me joy beyond beLief.
The thought of being with you nd being heLd by you is my one desire
iKnew once we first met...no other would ever do
....for with YOU....iKnew love.
iKnew love as iHad never thought possible in this lifetime.
It is a love of passion...desire...
It is a never-ending need of you...
for you nd ONLY you.
When iThink of my love for you....
iReaLize tht iNow know the TRUE meaning of love.
iWiLL love you as long as this life endures nd aLLows
for you are my dreams...my reaLities...
You are my heart....
my souL is dispersed
....ive poured it aLL into your hands
iStiLL manage to keep it together
....whiLe standing on this ground in which is too fragiLe for others to stand
iHave waited so long for a chance to find someone who wouLd love me aLL the same
insecurities stand in the way yet who is to bLame?
some say im just too capacious for love
....though iHave heLd onto you because my heart you revive
iHad given up on love, but when iMet you....iSaid why not another try?
.... thats why iCry.


13 January 2010


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eye.dee.kay. why you love me.;

inspired by "fLaws &nd aLL" -Beyonce'

Times come nd go when iWonder....WHY?
Why do you love me?
Why do you do the things for me that you do?
Why did you pick ME outta aLL the fish in the sea?
you see past aLL my fLaws...
nd aLL the pieces aren't even in the box...

...iUsed to fear love....before iFeLt it...before iWas...[ in ] it w/you
you redefine it...Webster shouLd be ashamed
his definition was too narrow...not accurate
the painting of love that you've painted to me
is beyond what eyes can see...
nd when it comes to ME....its aLL iSeem to need

Love had my tongue for whiLe
it hid my smiLe, gave me this frown
so iGot used to being down...
my words are timeless

iCan onLy breathe every beat in unison
but iSit here breathless...
So wiLL u breathe new life into me?

iMake mistakes because im human
my hair isnt aLways in pLace
iDnt have the cLearest face
my heart likes to foLLow your heart's pace...even though they aren't meant to race...
So why do you love me?

iCan be a handfuLL
in fact, im kind of a big deaL
iTeLL it like it is &nd iMean what iSay

cocky? no...just REAL

iSometimes say things iDnt mean
...or they come off the wrong way
Sometimes iGet mad when you push me away
at times iForget when to be serious or pLay
So why do you love me?

eye.dee.kay. why you love...me...its kinda crazy to me.


My Heart is "fragiLe".;

Listening to "FragiLe" by Chrisette MicheLe

Ever feLt love that made you step outside of your norm?
....nd you are wiLLing to go tht "extra miLe" for tht ONE person
guards tht have been up for years, sLowLy seeming to knock themseLves down....oh this crazy feeLing
iJust can't sLay the fact of my broken heart.
You fiLL the cracks...yet is there doubt?
my heart is very..."FragiLe"
iAm a tough cookie ( or am i? )

My past is is exactLy where it beLongs in the PAST
iHave come to let it live there, but the effects of it linger...
From the nightmares, ppL's faces, simiLar situations, etc it finds me when iAm....idLe
the feeLing is unbearabLe.

iAm caLLing out....Are they deaf?
iAm crying...Are they bLind?
iAm hurt...Are they heartLess?

when is the right time to mend this heart of mine?
how couLd one be so aggressive w/something so necessary? w/ so much...meaning?


12 January 2010

...wiLL you Love me then?.;

when iCan no longer wipe your tears

when your phone doesn't ring because iAm no longer here
when onLy my memory quiets your pain within
...wiLL you love me then?
when the first thing your friends ask is how you been?
when you feeL your heart cnt love again
when our fave songs onLy make cry
when you have a hard time breathing nd you don't know why
when the moments we shared cause your souL to rend
...wiLL you love me then?

SeasonaL Love.;

"Love aint meant to be a pLay thing...nd when it's right it's so amazing..." -Rihanna

you are my inspiration
iWrite these words w/o sight
let words come from the heart nd through my fingertips
your entire being makes me weak
bad boy has my tongue...impossibLe to speak
so in times like these...iJust write.
iFeed on the moments we share...to survive
HoLd me nd cLose your eyes
take a waLk through the thoughts in my mind
count my heart beats as my head rests...
upon your chest...
feeL my smiLe in your eyes
my touch in your hand
trace my siLhouette in the dark
then awaken knowing me better than iKnow myseLf
Every aspect of your beauty through my eyes
....are the gates to another worLd
you tear down my waLLs of insecurity &nd whn we make love
iFeeL the innocence within me
of a young girL...
iTaste you on my lips
.....as iWrite from instant inspiration
iSee Heaven in your eyes
but pLease dnt look directLY into mine
.....cause with you just one look in yours.....
i'Ve left my past nd present worLd behind....
...iSLowLy picture your face
umm why do iFeeL your touch?
it feeLs sooo reaL...my mind shuts down
....iAm in the dark
iCnt comprehend the things im thinking about
iGet chiLLs as if u are here...are you?
if so pLease dnt leave...
stay w/ me so iCan pretend to have found my mind....WAIT!
YOU have my mind
my thoughts you hoLd
my future is gLowing frm your stare
Do we share the same mind?
or are we compLeteLy different dreams
My dream...your vision
My vision...your dream
my innermost love...you recaptured!

wiLL this goodness last forever?
or fade to be not so important when someone catches your eye?
pLease teLL me this is not seasonaL...


Ask me anything.... = ) http://formspring.me/TheMrs


Ask me anything.... = ) http://formspring.me/TheMrs

09 January 2010

When iSeeYou.;

Sometimes looks can be decieving but...
You aren't.
you gaze deep within my inner being
often teasing my mind
iMust say iAm intrigued by who you are
beautifuL you are in so many ways...
My heart skips a beat like a broken record
When iSeeYou.
My grey skies cLear up
You've opened the gates to my thoughts &nd consumed them
When iSeeYou.
iLose track of time
often pressing rewind in my mind
back to the very first time
&nd the worLd stopped
w/the fLash of your smiLe you light up a room
the sparkLe in your eyes starts the fire in my heart's chambers
the passion then burns through my veins
When iSeeYou.
you make my though process spontaneous
many have toLd me love was bLind
iNever understood that phrase
my eyes had no vision

because YOU were my sight
nd my heart was just the pit stop to the "REAL" thing
iKno they can hear my heart beating w/ a furious yearning...
wanting to give ALL it holds to one souL.
Your SouL.
When iSeeYou.
iBecome "CompLete"
You are my souL
You hold the key to my heart
You say that you want to give me the worLd nd more but...
iDon't need much more than that!


Perfection to Me.;

so....wise iAm

'cause life has taught me many lessons
iKnow everyone has many questions
iMay cry but...
with my pain...iGain
cLimbing mountains of the future
ignoring its length

iLook into eyes of lies
yet iStiLL have room in order to compromise
my heart is made of goLd...
weLL at least ive been toLd
so iCan teach you how to speak your mind
and then...
heLp wash away the hurt nd pain you've been covered in
with the tears of joy you give to me...
iCLeanse your skin
Lift your chin
turn aLL your frowns into grins
Prove tht love has a chance again...
iwiLL be here like no other
lover or friend
Hand paraLLeL to Hand
Right beside you iStand
&nd Just understand...
iMay just be your biggest fan.
You're worth more than siLver nd goLd to me
&nd aLL iSee...
is "Perfection" right before my eyes.

(written 01.07.10)

&nd i'm feeLing like...

&nd I'm feeLing like...
you are the embodiment of my power

fLowing through every inch of your being
...is a person of indefinite beauty
in every word you utter...
you modeL perfection
you are "poetry in motion"
every step is fuLL of eLegance
your aura?

a ray of sunshine
a gLow one wishes to feeL
your intense eyes marinate transparent images
for you are capabLe of seeing through my fLaws nd aLL
Thank you sweet baby Jesus
for this beautifuL gift you have created
...beautifuL symmetry of her femininity.
mmmh mmmh mmmh.
sure goes fine with me!

...Spare Me.;

iWouLd like to make myself believe tht this pLanet Earth turns slowLy but...
it is hard to say!
iWouLd rather stay awake whn im sLeep because...
Everything is never as it seems!
To 10 miLLion firefLies, iAm weird because iHate goodbyes...
Take a second, just a second...hmph, spare me!
My heart.
Think about me...my feeLings.
My feeLings...
that seems like they wiLL never fade away!
Being attachd to the affection of you...
Missing the scent you dnt even know you have!
ALL the apsects of love are so hard to DEFEAT!
....it is hard to beat love AND be abLe to controL emotions: "physicaLLy nd metally"!'
Past reLationships...the ppL who just seem to "come aLong"...feeLing of doubt...WHATEVER
....iSwear when we defeat these downfaLLs of love, we'LL be soo hiGh!
&nd coming down wiLL sound so degrading...
But aLL in the same....
Take a second, just a second...hmph, spare me!

My heart.
Think about me...my feeLings.
My feeLings...
That wiLL never leave you in the coLd
WiLLing to finish what they started
For the new experiences to unfoLd.
My heart is precious...very fragiLe
iRemade it with gLass
You break, you buy!

08 January 2010

this music...

Have you ever been [ in ] love?
12.14.09 marked my day.
couLdnt have chosen a better day.
A wise man once told me..
"A perfect picture aint a perfect picture without its flaws"
&nd iAgree which is why iCan describe this perfect picture down to a T...
Baby... you're everything iNeed &nd more...
On another note they say its impossible but iKnow its possible...
People come in your life for many different reasons &nd purposes...so when iThink about you...
What reasons are you here in my life?
  1. to love
  2. to be loved
  3. to make me whoLe
  4. to be my strength
  5. to give me breath of new life
  6. to give me happiness
  7. to cherish
  8. to hoLd
  9. to live
  10. to define Love w/your sincerity nd genuinity?
...the list couLd go on nd on nd tht goes to show tht you have a purpose in my life...
I'm in love with this music...anything else is not relevant to my life...
&nd nothing else can touch my heart like this music...
music of our heart's beats...
sweet music b/t our lips w/every kisses touch
music pLaying sLowLy in the background as we expLore new horizons...
....Soundtrack of my heart AGAIN!?
SHE is my everything &nd the only one that seems...
true to the game...weLL me tht is...(smirk)
When you have something this good...you hoLd on to it...
w/ALL your might.;

07 January 2010

My definition.;

This has become an INFATUATION
so iWiLL exchange my mind
No wasting time...
This process? Mine...PERIOD.
In Your eyes my reflection is blind
In your arms iDecide...
This is OUR night.
iReLax as iScatter through miLLions of my deepest innermost feeLings....in my mind
iCant find the right things to say so...
iLeave it aLL up to my heart...she speaks
This Love is reacting in perfect symmetry
YOU are my destiny
The very best of me
We are both victims of circumstance
So aLL thts left is a chance....
With you ive come to fuLL reaLization
Of the word "Compromise"
iDont take it lightLy
Your heart invites me
We are two in the same
....but iWant you
Just as much as you want me
iWanna show you how this chemistry....
intertwines our souLs....WHOLE
iGet so breathless when you call my name
...No need to wonder if you feel the same
when iLook into your eyes
iFeeL your heart's warmth on my skin
i'd like to put my fingers on you
&nd paint this picture for you....
be my canvas?
iF it wasnt for your love...
iWouLdnt have a light so bright blinding my eyes

Nor finally see how it feels to live a dream
iWouLdnt have touched the sky
Or ever flown so high... 
Because it is YOU who fiLLs the cracks of my broken heart...mmmh...
Babe...iBathe in the fountain of your essence 
iAm humble by your presence
iCan see the best nd worst of you nd guess what?
iWiLL STILL be standing right here...next to you

....washing my intentions with your name
There isnt one thing iWouLdnt do for you
So teLL me aLL your wishes
&nd iWiLL make sure they come true
iF iWas to ever lose you...
The first tears in Heaven ever cried....would be MINE

Now tell me how iCould ever live w/o you
Forever could never be enough...
'Cause iPromise to give you the rest of my life
&nd for the rest of my life...
iWiLL love YOU
Every ounce of your seasoned perfection...
is ALL that iLive for...
My definition.;

05 January 2010

&nd Here is to Love...

iSit here listening to you breathe so peacefuLLy sLeeping

now iPut my hand over my chest
iFeeL it beating...TripLe times
like yours overLaps mine...they intertwine
now the thoughts in mind are rushing down on paper
for you to read when you wake up later...teehee. :D


Dear [Heart]...
Below the heavens and god be my witness

iWant to share with you, these feelings...

iHold within.

to love you anymore, iAm sure wouLd be a sin

iThink about you every second that we are apart there is no doubt in my heart

that it's you whom iLove...

this distance kiLLs me though!

why must we be so far?

but soon &nd soon enough...we'LL be cLose enough

when iHoLd you in my arms

iWant you to know that iWiLL bring you no harm

if anything iWiLL fiLL your heart w/everLasting Love

you are fuLL of beauty...smiLe bitter sweet

skin soft...your appearance perfected to me...

now that we are one

my feeLings REALLY can't be expLained

just know my love wiLL pour like rain

&nd i wiLL cure your heartache &nd pain

my Love for you grows everyday

i faLL deeper by the day

then up iFLy...off your Love, SoHigh...

For it feeLs like my feet no longer touch the ground

whenever you're around...

it's just the small things you say &nd do

that has me head over heeLs for you

its just too long and reckLess

iNeed you cLoser than this neckLace...

feeLs like there's a bouLder on my chest

no medicine wiLL do it

no doctor can heaL me...all iReaLLy need is for you to hoLd me

your happiness is my favorite thing to discover

iWanna share everything...even my bed cover on a coLd night

see you're my inspiration to write

true pLeasure is behind

your fLaws iCant seem to find

i'm in Love w/ur mind...body &nd souL

to make u happy is my #1 goaL

unLess its necessary, iWont leave your sight

you'LL be the first to be mentioned in my prayers...

iDont care what you wear...i'LL stiLL be there...

right beside you...Love guiding you

&nd best beLieve when you're sad i'd cry for you

my heart's message is rather simpLe...

no masks...noone outside u to impress...no stress

although nothing is perfect i wanna express

the beauty of it aLL after our love is confessed

thats success! minds are caressed...

what's better than THIS love?

now that's a mess...

'cause there is nothing better

&nd if you beg to differ...write me a letter! :)




....Sometimes you just have to sit back &nd LISTEN

Through the eyes of the beholder the future is clear &nd UNquestionable.

Through MY eyes every thing is cloudy and doubtable.

Through the eyes of a child the world is brand new.

No pain just laughter &nd joy. No judgements or worries. Just pure love &nd smiles.

In MY eyes I know nothing, but what iAm told &nd even w/ peace...iAm no longer whole.

A body w/ no soul...a sun with no warmth.

Cloudy days bring tears of pain, laughter, &nd the past.

A past iCan't seem 2get over no matter how hard iTry to break chains of sadness that hold me.

And iStand in a whirl wind of emotions as they drown me all at once &nd then just as quck as they come fade away.

A fish out of water gasping for air &nd praying for relief to their struggle.

As the fisher man stands over laughing at the pain they are enduring.

This is how iFeel at times, when the darkness in my soul spreads like a mist to my eyes &nd reminds me that nothing ever stays the same.

And all iCan do at this moment is...pray...for enlightment &nd for the dark hole in my heart to close.

To become whole once more &nd aLLow me to give my aLL, even though iKnow in the back of my mind this heart of mine will be shattered into pieces again and again and iWill continue to forgive &nd love like always.

Even when there are days iCan't fathom the thought of needing. loving. being, or holding anyone else but you.

In my mind iKnow iDid all I could in my soul iFeel iShould have done more. Fought harder. Been stronger. But you're only as strong as your body allows you to be.

This is still a two way street. iKeep hoping you'll understand what went wrong.

That you'll change and come back &nd we can work on us. But iKnow it's over.

The past is dead. One too many chances. One too many shattered dreams. One too many broekn hearts &nd clouds of anger over head.

My emotions fall hard on deaf ears &nd hardened mnds. And iStare at the clock &nd see iHave run out of time.

iCan't heLp you best friend....iApoLogize. iAm sorry. i....iThought iKnew how to soLve it...but...

WOrds flow like a drip from the tap. But the pen my hand holds make the words in my mind come like a river on blank paper.

And iSmile for you &nd hold my head up for one more day for you.

For iKnow if you were here today...you'd do the same for me...

iWipe my tears away for all iCan do is keep moving forward &nd stop looking back &nd hoping that what obviously was not meant to last can be whole.

iWill hoLd you down....down here because iKnow you're watching over me up there.

Life is not just what you make it, but how you take it &nd what you know.

-Dedicated &nd in Loving Memory of my first best friend Cierra Lorraine McCall

04 January 2010

Tweet this...&nd foLLow me

My PhiLosophy is very lengthy iMust say BUT...

sometimes the world makes me feel so fragile

like im mereLy a figment of someone's dream
iGuess because...
most of my life my voice didnt seem to matter
&nd the time hasnt quite managed to erase...
that littLe girLs screams
so when it comes to matters of my heart,
the emotions that need to be expressed...
remain fearfuLLy...SiLent.
locked tightLy behind the armor of my chest
&nd iRegress to the tooL that became my transLating link
creating a pLace where iCan uncLothe the width of my souL
the traiL of bLeeding life...within my pen's ink
there you wiLL find restLess oceans...
streams &nd rivers that my eyes have cried
&nd lingering hoLLows of ghosts...
representing the pieces of my being that have died
there are red "bLoody" roads
buiLt from the shedding of my heart's wounds
sensations fed to keep the dying amber of fires aLive
so cherished memories won't fade too soon
"Shadowed versions of Me"
reveaLed in various life aLtered stages
adding &nd subtracting faucets of me
to create dimensions of reLevant equations
riddLes of mazes
where iEmerge different than how iBegan
Laughter fiLLs the air from yesteryear
traveLing hand in hand w/gLimmers of things to come
for me strife was the reaL worLd
where feeLings have no reason to think
the pLace where my spirit caLLs home
so many lost souLs linger in the stratosphere of this coLd worLd...
To find me...just foLLow the ink...