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13 January 2010

eye.dee.kay. why you love me.;

inspired by "fLaws &nd aLL" -Beyonce'

Times come nd go when iWonder....WHY?
Why do you love me?
Why do you do the things for me that you do?
Why did you pick ME outta aLL the fish in the sea?
you see past aLL my fLaws...
nd aLL the pieces aren't even in the box...

...iUsed to fear love....before iFeLt it...before iWas...[ in ] it w/you
you redefine it...Webster shouLd be ashamed
his definition was too narrow...not accurate
the painting of love that you've painted to me
is beyond what eyes can see...
nd when it comes to ME....its aLL iSeem to need

Love had my tongue for whiLe
it hid my smiLe, gave me this frown
so iGot used to being down...
my words are timeless

iCan onLy breathe every beat in unison
but iSit here breathless...
So wiLL u breathe new life into me?

iMake mistakes because im human
my hair isnt aLways in pLace
iDnt have the cLearest face
my heart likes to foLLow your heart's pace...even though they aren't meant to race...
So why do you love me?

iCan be a handfuLL
in fact, im kind of a big deaL
iTeLL it like it is &nd iMean what iSay

cocky? no...just REAL

iSometimes say things iDnt mean
...or they come off the wrong way
Sometimes iGet mad when you push me away
at times iForget when to be serious or pLay
So why do you love me?

eye.dee.kay. why you love...me...its kinda crazy to me.


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