h8te it. lov3 it. what3v3r. just Njoy it.; -RinOntheRox

09 January 2010

&nd i'm feeLing like...

&nd I'm feeLing like...
you are the embodiment of my power

fLowing through every inch of your being
...is a person of indefinite beauty
in every word you utter...
you modeL perfection
you are "poetry in motion"
every step is fuLL of eLegance
your aura?

a ray of sunshine
a gLow one wishes to feeL
your intense eyes marinate transparent images
for you are capabLe of seeing through my fLaws nd aLL
Thank you sweet baby Jesus
for this beautifuL gift you have created
...beautifuL symmetry of her femininity.
mmmh mmmh mmmh.
sure goes fine with me!

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