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12 January 2010

SeasonaL Love.;

"Love aint meant to be a pLay thing...nd when it's right it's so amazing..." -Rihanna

you are my inspiration
iWrite these words w/o sight
let words come from the heart nd through my fingertips
your entire being makes me weak
bad boy has my tongue...impossibLe to speak
so in times like these...iJust write.
iFeed on the moments we share...to survive
HoLd me nd cLose your eyes
take a waLk through the thoughts in my mind
count my heart beats as my head rests...
upon your chest...
feeL my smiLe in your eyes
my touch in your hand
trace my siLhouette in the dark
then awaken knowing me better than iKnow myseLf
Every aspect of your beauty through my eyes
....are the gates to another worLd
you tear down my waLLs of insecurity &nd whn we make love
iFeeL the innocence within me
of a young girL...
iTaste you on my lips
.....as iWrite from instant inspiration
iSee Heaven in your eyes
but pLease dnt look directLY into mine
.....cause with you just one look in yours.....
i'Ve left my past nd present worLd behind....
...iSLowLy picture your face
umm why do iFeeL your touch?
it feeLs sooo reaL...my mind shuts down
....iAm in the dark
iCnt comprehend the things im thinking about
iGet chiLLs as if u are here...are you?
if so pLease dnt leave...
stay w/ me so iCan pretend to have found my mind....WAIT!
YOU have my mind
my thoughts you hoLd
my future is gLowing frm your stare
Do we share the same mind?
or are we compLeteLy different dreams
My dream...your vision
My vision...your dream
my innermost love...you recaptured!

wiLL this goodness last forever?
or fade to be not so important when someone catches your eye?
pLease teLL me this is not seasonaL...

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