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15 January 2010


If iAm never sure about anything eLse, there is ONE thing that iAm sure about nd thats....
....my gut feeling!!!
your intuition...your worth...
iHave taken time nd cLeared my mind 
iHave come to reaLize that...
The best form of freedom is when your mind is made up nd your [ ♥ ] is in the RIGHT pLace
...there is no better feeLing...
you came into my life nd made me reaLize why it nvr worked w/ anyone eLse
onLy our love is truLy genuine...reaL
I'm taLkin abt the sweetest thing I've ever known...
you changed my life forever...for the BETTER!
Baby, iWas made to love YOU!
est. [ 12.14.09 ]

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