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04 January 2010

Tweet this...&nd foLLow me

My PhiLosophy is very lengthy iMust say BUT...

sometimes the world makes me feel so fragile

like im mereLy a figment of someone's dream
iGuess because...
most of my life my voice didnt seem to matter
&nd the time hasnt quite managed to erase...
that littLe girLs screams
so when it comes to matters of my heart,
the emotions that need to be expressed...
remain fearfuLLy...SiLent.
locked tightLy behind the armor of my chest
&nd iRegress to the tooL that became my transLating link
creating a pLace where iCan uncLothe the width of my souL
the traiL of bLeeding life...within my pen's ink
there you wiLL find restLess oceans...
streams &nd rivers that my eyes have cried
&nd lingering hoLLows of ghosts...
representing the pieces of my being that have died
there are red "bLoody" roads
buiLt from the shedding of my heart's wounds
sensations fed to keep the dying amber of fires aLive
so cherished memories won't fade too soon
"Shadowed versions of Me"
reveaLed in various life aLtered stages
adding &nd subtracting faucets of me
to create dimensions of reLevant equations
riddLes of mazes
where iEmerge different than how iBegan
Laughter fiLLs the air from yesteryear
traveLing hand in hand w/gLimmers of things to come
for me strife was the reaL worLd
where feeLings have no reason to think
the pLace where my spirit caLLs home
so many lost souLs linger in the stratosphere of this coLd worLd...
To find me...just foLLow the ink...

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