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13 January 2010

My Heart is "fragiLe".;

Listening to "FragiLe" by Chrisette MicheLe

Ever feLt love that made you step outside of your norm?
....nd you are wiLLing to go tht "extra miLe" for tht ONE person
guards tht have been up for years, sLowLy seeming to knock themseLves down....oh this crazy feeLing
iJust can't sLay the fact of my broken heart.
You fiLL the cracks...yet is there doubt?
my heart is very..."FragiLe"
iAm a tough cookie ( or am i? )

My past is is exactLy where it beLongs in the PAST
iHave come to let it live there, but the effects of it linger...
From the nightmares, ppL's faces, simiLar situations, etc it finds me when iAm....idLe
the feeLing is unbearabLe.

iAm caLLing out....Are they deaf?
iAm crying...Are they bLind?
iAm hurt...Are they heartLess?

when is the right time to mend this heart of mine?
how couLd one be so aggressive w/something so necessary? w/ so much...meaning?


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