h8te it. lov3 it. what3v3r. just Njoy it.; -RinOntheRox

29 August 2010

hates to feeL tht my conscience is R I G H T
when iGet the feeLing someone is tLkin behind my bck
smethn just whispers to me saying, "Watch each set of hands..."
if everyone's hands around you are moving nd yours arent wht does tht teLL you.?
D U H. Jus think.
aLL iCan do is shake it nd keep moving, but [in] reaLity, it makes sense.
iWouLd be wrong to caLL ppL out though.
The ppL tht r supposed to care nd be there...ARENT
how does tht work.?
....idk  maybe it is just ME huh.?

my heart is heavy, but not [in] tht doubtfuL way
iJust hav random things scurring through my head nd iCnt stop them right now.

Signed:: MisUnderstood.;