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14 January 2010

Why iCry?.;

When iThink of my love for you

...the wonder of its beauty takes my breath away
iCnt recaLL the moment in time it began but...
onLy the overwheLming feeLing of ecstasy it brought to me
For at that moment iKnew happiness.
A happiness iHad never known before.
For just the thought of you gave me joy beyond beLief.
The thought of being with you nd being heLd by you is my one desire
iKnew once we first met...no other would ever do
....for with YOU....iKnew love.
iKnew love as iHad never thought possible in this lifetime.
It is a love of passion...desire...
It is a never-ending need of you...
for you nd ONLY you.
When iThink of my love for you....
iReaLize tht iNow know the TRUE meaning of love.
iWiLL love you as long as this life endures nd aLLows
for you are my dreams...my reaLities...
You are my heart....
my souL is dispersed
....ive poured it aLL into your hands
iStiLL manage to keep it together
....whiLe standing on this ground in which is too fragiLe for others to stand
iHave waited so long for a chance to find someone who wouLd love me aLL the same
insecurities stand in the way yet who is to bLame?
some say im just too capacious for love
....though iHave heLd onto you because my heart you revive
iHad given up on love, but when iMet you....iSaid why not another try?
.... thats why iCry.


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