h8te it. lov3 it. what3v3r. just Njoy it.; -RinOntheRox

09 January 2010

Perfection to Me.;

so....wise iAm

'cause life has taught me many lessons
iKnow everyone has many questions
iMay cry but...
with my pain...iGain
cLimbing mountains of the future
ignoring its length

iLook into eyes of lies
yet iStiLL have room in order to compromise
my heart is made of goLd...
weLL at least ive been toLd
so iCan teach you how to speak your mind
and then...
heLp wash away the hurt nd pain you've been covered in
with the tears of joy you give to me...
iCLeanse your skin
Lift your chin
turn aLL your frowns into grins
Prove tht love has a chance again...
iwiLL be here like no other
lover or friend
Hand paraLLeL to Hand
Right beside you iStand
&nd Just understand...
iMay just be your biggest fan.
You're worth more than siLver nd goLd to me
&nd aLL iSee...
is "Perfection" right before my eyes.

(written 01.07.10)

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