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09 January 2010

When iSeeYou.;

Sometimes looks can be decieving but...
You aren't.
you gaze deep within my inner being
often teasing my mind
iMust say iAm intrigued by who you are
beautifuL you are in so many ways...
My heart skips a beat like a broken record
When iSeeYou.
My grey skies cLear up
You've opened the gates to my thoughts &nd consumed them
When iSeeYou.
iLose track of time
often pressing rewind in my mind
back to the very first time
&nd the worLd stopped
w/the fLash of your smiLe you light up a room
the sparkLe in your eyes starts the fire in my heart's chambers
the passion then burns through my veins
When iSeeYou.
you make my though process spontaneous
many have toLd me love was bLind
iNever understood that phrase
my eyes had no vision

because YOU were my sight
nd my heart was just the pit stop to the "REAL" thing
iKno they can hear my heart beating w/ a furious yearning...
wanting to give ALL it holds to one souL.
Your SouL.
When iSeeYou.
iBecome "CompLete"
You are my souL
You hold the key to my heart
You say that you want to give me the worLd nd more but...
iDon't need much more than that!


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