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05 January 2010

&nd Here is to Love...

iSit here listening to you breathe so peacefuLLy sLeeping

now iPut my hand over my chest
iFeeL it beating...TripLe times
like yours overLaps mine...they intertwine
now the thoughts in mind are rushing down on paper
for you to read when you wake up later...teehee. :D


Dear [Heart]...
Below the heavens and god be my witness

iWant to share with you, these feelings...

iHold within.

to love you anymore, iAm sure wouLd be a sin

iThink about you every second that we are apart there is no doubt in my heart

that it's you whom iLove...

this distance kiLLs me though!

why must we be so far?

but soon &nd soon enough...we'LL be cLose enough

when iHoLd you in my arms

iWant you to know that iWiLL bring you no harm

if anything iWiLL fiLL your heart w/everLasting Love

you are fuLL of beauty...smiLe bitter sweet

skin soft...your appearance perfected to me...

now that we are one

my feeLings REALLY can't be expLained

just know my love wiLL pour like rain

&nd i wiLL cure your heartache &nd pain

my Love for you grows everyday

i faLL deeper by the day

then up iFLy...off your Love, SoHigh...

For it feeLs like my feet no longer touch the ground

whenever you're around...

it's just the small things you say &nd do

that has me head over heeLs for you

its just too long and reckLess

iNeed you cLoser than this neckLace...

feeLs like there's a bouLder on my chest

no medicine wiLL do it

no doctor can heaL me...all iReaLLy need is for you to hoLd me

your happiness is my favorite thing to discover

iWanna share everything...even my bed cover on a coLd night

see you're my inspiration to write

true pLeasure is behind

your fLaws iCant seem to find

i'm in Love w/ur mind...body &nd souL

to make u happy is my #1 goaL

unLess its necessary, iWont leave your sight

you'LL be the first to be mentioned in my prayers...

iDont care what you wear...i'LL stiLL be there...

right beside you...Love guiding you

&nd best beLieve when you're sad i'd cry for you

my heart's message is rather simpLe...

no masks...noone outside u to impress...no stress

although nothing is perfect i wanna express

the beauty of it aLL after our love is confessed

thats success! minds are caressed...

what's better than THIS love?

now that's a mess...

'cause there is nothing better

&nd if you beg to differ...write me a letter! :)



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  1. This is a beautifuL write! Keep writin n I will keep readin!