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26 February 2010

Dear Heart...

Life right now could indeed be better, but iShare it w/ the best....^_^
my 'Teers are irreplaceable...and to be considered that, they must be different 4rm the rest....righhhht
people always shake their heads like they are always together...yuuuuup Besties FOREVER...Ha!
&nd that's why they shouLd know that when the world walks out on them...I WILL STILL BE HERE!
3M's 4Life

&&nd the day iWrote tht iThought tht was the end to aLL friendships...
life forever nd a day
...but iGuess it's true...aLL good things come to an end
the days...nights...laughter...nd cries made a U
yet we aLL have our fauLts in life.
iForgive, but iCan NEVER forget.
it is definiteLy just one of those days
for one of these things
....for you to have to let go of what you thought was a LIFELONG friend
but things happen for a reason....right?
There is no need to front or lie
[in] the back of mind dangLing somewhere are the memories we shared once
memory lane?
ha. funny how things change like the seasons do.
[in] &nd out like the brisk of an autumn's breeze.
my heart just wont except the fact.
ugh. how did we end up here?
where do we..you...ya'll go?
my feeLings are bumrushing each other.
so iGotta keep it moving.
Just hope you're happy.

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